Monthly Archives: October 2007

living inside herself

so we’ve finally got some music going here. our studio setup has hit a sort of critical mass. i’m becoming a mostly computer-based emusician – having worked with individual keyboard and rack rigs for most of my life – and am assembling a sequence that i can stand listening to. meanwhile, alison has broken through her approach/avoidance and is using the patchwork DAW i set up for her recently.

this phase started a couple of weeks ago when i recorded a bass riff and let her start noodling some soft synth chords over it. she took over the experiment from there, and has elaborated the thing into a entire track that she’s working out change by change, complete with multiple keyboard parts, funk bass (she’s taught herself to slap), and wukka-wukka guitar.

of course, the consequence of all this is that i finally get to hear what she sounds like… and of course, she sounds no little like the music she likes most: that sophisticated, jazz-inflected pop that used to actually be “arranged” and which, at its best, just manages to ride on the near side of that precarious edge between slick and schmaltz.

after four years, i discover i’m living with ali vanelli.