the long view

i came to a conclusion this weekend.

you see, all my life i’ve been jealous of conductors: they live their professional lives deep in beauty, immersed in a rare vibe. and they don’t have any required retirement… they do what they do right until they die, living their lives right to their real ends.

the same goes for the best musicians, of course, but it’s the conductors i see standing there, faces wreathed in concentration and bliss.

i’m not a conductor and not much of a musician, but i am a proven engineer. i did it professionally for a while. loved the work, hated the job. i’m about to become immersed in it again, as i begin production on my partner’s demos and projects (and of course my own, but that’s a different train of thought).

i think i want to do this for retirement. by the time i hit the end of my effective current career i’ll have sustained and worked with a small modern studio for quite a while. all i have to do is open it up, bring in local artists – probably the folkies and pagans, who would be best suited to such an arrangement – and make a side-living as a working engineer.

that’s a twilight i think i can live with.

One thought on “the long view

  1. Ellie G says:

    you know, i think this is an exceptionally perfect long view to take.

    on the sidelines, watching, sending you good thoughts.


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